Was it a toy chest or cords from a window blind ?
Was your child strangled by a crib toy or a bunk bed ?
Was it an infant cushion, mesh-sided playpen or air mattress ?
What Florida Parents Need to Know About Strangulation, Suffocation or Choking Injuries to their Children

Airway obstruction injuries are the leading cause of unintentional injury and death among children under one year. These injuries occur when children are unable to breathe normally because food or objects block their internal airways (choking), materials block or cover their external airways (suffocation) or items become wrapped around their necks and interfere with breathing (strangulation). Children, especially those under age 3, are particularly vulnerable to airway obstruction death and injury due to their small upper airways, their relative inexperience with chewing and their natural tendency to put objects in their mouths. Additionally, infants’ inability to lift their heads or extricate themselves from tight places puts them at greater risk. If you feel that a defective product has caused your child’s strangulation, suffocation or choking call a South Florida child injury lawyer. It only takes a minute to have your life turned upside down by an injury or death of a child.

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