Was Your Child Injured in a Child Car Seat ?
Did your vehicles and number 39 this latch system fail ?
Was the Car Seat that Injured Your Child the Subject of a Product Recall ?
What South Florida Residents Need to Know About Defective Products

Product liability law governs the liability of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and vendors for damages caused by dangerous or defective products. The goal of product liability laws is to help protect consumers from dangerous products, while holding manufacturers, distributors, and retailers responsible for putting into the marketplace products that they knew or should have known were dangerous or defective. While any injury caused by a defective product can be upsetting, when products cause injury to children, it is especially devastating.

There are many defective products that can cause injuries to children. Due to motor vehicle crashes being the leading cause of unintentional death in children who are fourteen years or younger, we always think of safety first for our children. We rely on car seats to protect our children in case of an unexpected crash with a negligent driver.

We as consumers and parents are coaxed into feeling safe when we use a name-brand child car seat and booster seat in our vehicles. Obviously keeping a child restrained in a car seat is the safest way to travel in a vehicle and is one way to reduce the risk of serious injury or death to our children. For their own safety, infants and young children must be buckled into an appropriate child car seat whenever they are being transported in a car, truck, or van. However, the very car seats parents are required to buy to protect their children can sometimes cause them harm.

Defective car seats are responsible for many serious child injuries and wrongful deaths to infants and young children each year. If your child was injured because of a defective car seat, you may be able to collect financial compensation for your Childs 39 injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, rehabilitation, disability, or disfigurement. Was your child injured in a child car seat ?

Did your vehicles and number 39 this latch system fail ?
Was the car seat that injured your child subject of a product recall ?

A child safety car seat can fail due to the result of any number of manufacturing defects, including:

• Malfunctioning handles
• Sudden release
• Weak construction
• Flammable material
• Base/shell separation
• Defective harness

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