Did Your Doctor Fail to Diagnose Your Cancer ? How about Your Kidney Disease ?
What South Florida Patients Need to Know About Failure to Diagnose a Medical Condition

It is nearly impossible to treat a condition that hasn’t been diagnosed. Some medical conditions are complex and difficult to diagnose, especially if they present themselves in a distinctive way in a certain patient. While claiming Florida medical malpractice in these circumstances may prove to be more difficult, there are certain signs and symptoms of medical conditions which should be readily and easily recognizable and should prompt a doctor and other medical personnel to consider that condition or conduct testing and examinations to rule it out.

There are many conditions which require timely treatment and which, if they go undiagnosed can lead to a lifetime of complications or even Florida wrongful death

Some common cases involving misdiagnosis and failure to treat certain conditions include;

Misdiagnosed cancer.
Misdiagnosed infections.
Misdiagnosed heart attack.
Misdiagnosed stroke.
Misdiagnosed aneurysms.
Misdiagnosed auto-immune diseases.
Misdiagnosed meningitis.
Misdiagnosed stomach ulcers.
Misdiagnosed appendicitis.
Misdiagnosed kidney disease.

These are just some of the many medical conditions which may go undiagnosed or untreated by a doctor and which can have a catastrophic outcome. Unfortunately undiagnosed illness could result in the most serious of injuries like traumatic brain injury, paraplegia, quadriplegia, nerve damage, or facial paralysis or wrongful death. Most severe injuries are long lasting and could require future medical attention. If you feel that a doctor has failed to treat or diagnose you or a loved one, call a South Florida Medical Malpractice Attorney with the South Florida Personal Injury Center so that we can get you the compensation and peace of mind you so rightfully deserve.

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