Injured on the Job? Know Your Legal Rights!

A recent court ruling involving a French businessman who died while on a business trip in France is causing quite a buzz on news sites and social media.  Now, people sadly passed away while on business trips all the time, but this ruling is different because the businessman died from a heart attack after having sex, and his employer had refused to consider his death a ‘workplace accident.’ The company argued that the death had occurred on his leisure time and in a room other than the one they had reserved for him.

The Paris Court of Appeal decided otherwise and ruled that because the employee died while on a business trip, and his death is considered a workplace injury. The French court ruled that “When traveling for work, an employee is under the responsibility of his employer. And this, even outside his actual hours of work and whatever activities he engages.”

The Paris Court of Appeal ruling will likely affect the employers’ liability policies in France and legal experts in the country agree that the case will also likely be referred to the Cour de Cassation, France’s highest judicial court. The ruling was first reported in a LinkedIn post by Sarah Balluet, a French lawyer specializing in labor law. Though this case is outside the United States, legal experts in the U.S. are keeping a watch on the ultimate outcome

By law employers in the United States are required to prove a safe work environment for their employees. Accidents tend to occur, so when employees get injured while on the job, employees must make sure their workers’ insurance cover their medical bills. Employee rights in the United States vary from state to state but are generally the same and have similar legal procedures one can follow when it comes to disagreements with employers. The following are common rights all employees should be aware of. 

Employees have the right to file a claim for an injury or illness that occurred while on the job

Employees have the right to see a doctor and to pursue medical treatment

Employees have the right to return to work after getting treatment from a doctor

Employees have the right to disability compensation if he or she cannot return to work because of the injuries or illness that occurred while on the job

Employees have a right to appeal any claim the employer’s insurance company denies 

Employees have a right to obtain a legal representation throughout the process