Was your child run over by a careless driver ?
Did a car seat LATCH system fail to work when needed ?
Did a neighbour fail to put a fence around their pool causing your child to drown ?
What South Florida Parents Need to Know About Injuries to Children.

I am not only a personal injury attorney but also a mom of a six-year-old boy, and we as parents know that the safety of our children is the most important thing. Our children mean the world to us and we would do anything to protect them from any and all harm especially Florida wrongful death. Our children are faced with many dangerous situations, including unsafe toys, defective products, injury at birth, medical malpractice, drowning, asphyxia Injury and/or death from South Florida car accidents, South Florida Fire & Burn Injuries, Pedestrian Accidents and Playground Accidents. Children are at high risk for head injuries. Minor head injuries are common in childhood, but many of them are not serious. A minor head injury may be caused by a fall, a car accident or crash, a sports injury, or being forcefully shaken. Symptoms from a minor head injury could last from a few hours to a few weeks. Some of the signs and symptoms a parent may need to watch out for after a blow to their child’s head are: mild to moderate headache, dizziness or loss of balance, nausea (feeling sick) or vomiting (throwing up), or a change in your child’s mood (becomes restless or irritable). Be aware of changes in the way your child plays or works at school, and if he or she is having trouble thinking or remembering things and having a hard time concentrating. Other symptoms to watch out for are ringing in the ears; short-term loss of newly-learned skills, such as toilet training; drowsiness or decreased amount of energy; or a change in your child’s normal sleeping pattern (sleeps more than usual or cannot sleep). Unfortunately some of the symptoms may be so minor that they are hard to notice. Your child may act fine, even if he or she feels differently than normal. The injury itself may make it hard for your child to know that something is wrong. After a child sustains a head injury no matter how minor, you will need to ask your child if they have any symptoms. You should also watch your child more closely for a few weeks.

Being a mom of a six-year-old boy I see injured children all the time. I meet other moms whose children have suffered sports injuries, injuries in car accidents, bike injuries, injuries caused by medical malpractice and unfortunately death. Many of these injuries to our children were caused by the careless acts of others. Children are small and sometimes dart into the street after a ball and are hit by a car or truck. Many times the impact to the child is so severe they suffer broken extremities, torn muscles, internal injuries and potentially traumatic brain injuries. The best prevention for any of these serious injuries is proper safety courses for our children (Put a link here for a child safety school). We, as parents and teachers can possibly prevent many serious accidents by teaching our children to be aware of careless and reckless drivers, use proper signals when riding bikes, walk defensively when crossing streets, and be aware of their surroundings, as children are at a higher risk of being involved in a South Florida car accident on our busy city streets.

Traumatic brains injury (TBI) refers to an injury to the brain caused by traumatic impact such as a blow to the head, violent shaking or penetration of the brain tissue. Depending on the cause and severity of the brain injury, brain damage can be mild, moderate or severe. Initial symptoms of a traumatic brain injury may include one or more of the following: headache, dizziness, loss of consciousness, blurred vision, confusion, memory loss, seizures, paralysis and coma.

A catastrophic brain injury can lead to Florida wrongful death (link to Wrongful Death page and book). While the severity of traumatic brain injuries varies, the long-term effects are often devastating and life-altering.

Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) in children should be a very serious concern. Common injuries may occur when the fragile child’s spine is compressed or bent. The following are some of the ways a child many injure the spine:

Birth injuries, which typically affect the spinal cord in the neck area
Sports injuries
Motor vehicle accidents
Pedestrian accidents
Trampoline accidents
Diving accidents Falls

Prevention is the best medicine for any spinal cord injury. The following are some ways to prevent spinal cord injuries:

While in a motor vehicle always wear your seat belt.
Children under the age of 12 should always ride in the rear passenger’s seat.
Make sure younger children are properly secured in a child safety seat.
Persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs should not get behind the wheel and drive; and No passenger should get into a car with a person who is impaired.

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