Personal Injury Lawyers Don’t Deserve the Bad Rep!

Ask a group of folks which type of lawyers they consider in high regards chances are their reply will be that of an attorney who practices corporate law or litigation. A list of other lawyers who are well-respected by the general public includes criminal defense lawyers, civil litigation lawyers, family lawyers and trusts and estates lawyers. Thanks to the media’s portrayal, personal injury lawyers are often at the bottom of everyone list of the most highly regarded attorneys. This bad reputation has associated them with the ‘ambulance chasers’ term but contrary to this belief, personal injury lawyers are some of the most dedicated lawyers who work very diligently for their clients. Unlike other lawyers who typically bill by the hour and gets paid regardless of the outcome of a case, personal injury attorneys generally are not paid unless the claim is successful. This obviously drives a personal injury lawyer to get the best outcome for the client. Certainly, not all lawyers all good and not all of them are bad either. Here are five benefits to having a great personal injury lawyer on your side.     

They Force Insurance Companies to Adequately Compensate Accident Victims    Despite the high premiums we pay insurance companies to get the best coverage, when it comes to paying out a claim, the insurance companies don’t tend be on your side. They usually try to pay the least amount and sometimes they take forever to do so. A personal injury lawyer is your advocate who fights the insurance companies on your behalf.

They Provide Representation to People Who Otherwise Can’t Afford It    Not having to pay a personal injury lawyer an upfront fee provides those who can’t afford legal representation the opportunity to get the best legal representation. 

Personal Injury Lawyers Help Make Products Safer    Corporations are afraid to get sued. They have highly paid lawyers on standby whenever a consumer makes a claim on a defective product. That’s why these corporations try their best to manufacture their products to certain standards. Without the fear of being sued by a personal injury lawyer, corporations would be worry-free in making products that might cause harm to consumers.   

About Virginia Drogo

Personal injury lawyer Virginia Drogo is a workaholic. She got her first job as a waitress at the age of 15. Though she dropped out of high school, she later obtained her G.E.D. and put herself through college (graduating in the top 20% of her class) and was a bartender while attending law school. She started her practice in 1992 and got in the personal injury practice after she herself got involved in a major car accident where doctors had to perform various surgeries to get her back to health. Ms. Drogo takes her job personal because she knows how her clients feel and understands how they could sometimes feel helpless. She’s a tough lawyer but is very compassionate and caring in guiding her clients towards a victory.