Trending on Social Media: Video of a Group of Transgender Women Being Dragged from Bar

They had just finished participating in a gay pride event called “DTLA PROUD,” in downtown Los Angeles. Then they decided to head out to a bar that was nearby. Shortly after walking in, the group of transgender women of color said that two patrons began shouting transphobic slurs at them. They also said the staff at the Las Perlas Los Angeles establishment did not say or do anything to the people that were shouting the transphobic slurs. Instead, cellphone footage shows the transgender women being forcefully removed from the establishment by who appeared to be the bar bouncers. The couple who are accused of instigating the conflict left the bar before police arrived, and according to NBC Los Angeles News4, the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating whether the incident was a hate crime. On Saturday night, the group that was forced out of Las Perlas held a protest and rally outside of the establishment.

The incident has been picked up by various news outlets across the country.  Federal law makes it unlawful for a group to be discriminated upon based on their sexual orientation. Both the establishment and the alleged couple could be prosecuted if authorities find probable cause of a hate crime, and if the victims were injured during their forced removal, they could also sue for personal injury.