What You Should Know About Pre-suits

The most important and first step to establishing a claim is to verify that the person who you are attempting to make that claim against has the insurance to cover the medical cost of your injuries and the damages done to your vehicle or property.  Gathering the documents can be done without legal representation but the person who you are making the claim against (including the insurance company) do not tend to work on your schedule.

They usually try to get you to work on their time. Also, a claim needs to be accompanied by an official police report and witness statements. All of these documentations take time to obtain, and if your injuries require medical attention and rehabilitation, finding the right doctor to treat you might cause additional headaches and might also cause medical bills to pile up.  

If your injuries require medical attention that means you might have to take time off from work. If you have a family that means your obligations to them will suffer. How will you be able to transport your children to school if your vehicle is inoperable?

A personal injury attorney is your legal advocate. It is their job to handle all the paperwork that comes with making a claim. This takes time and making a successful claim where you get the proper medical attention and where you are financially compensated require diligence and extensive knowledge of the legal system.    

Once all the documentation has been collected and submitted to the insurance company the next step is to negotiate a settlement. This is where the insurance company attempt to give you the least amount of money for your injuries, vehicle and property damage. It becomes a tug of war, where your legal representation and the insurance company go back and forth to finally come up with a number both parties can agree upon.

Your attorney will make sure that the settlement covers your medical bills, loss of money due to time spent out of work, loss of items of sentimental value and anything else that had occurred due to the accident.

At Injury Lawyers on Demand, we reach settlements with the insurance companies at a ratio of 95%.  Contact us for a free consultation.